Travelers routinely describe the tour of the 27 waterfalls at Damajagua as ‘the coolest thing I did in the DR.’ It's hard to disagree. Guides lead you up, swimming and climbing through the waterfalls. To get down you jump – as much as 8m – into the sparkling pools below.

These days a guide is required, but there’s no minimum group size, so you can go by yourself if you wish. You’ll need around four hours to make it to the 27th waterfall and back. The falls are open from 8:30am to 4pm, but go early, before the crowds arrive, and you might just have the whole place to yourself.

You can go up to the seventh, 12th or 27th waterfall. Most ‘jeep safari’ package tours only go to the seventh waterfall. You should be in good shape and over the age of 12. The entrance fee varies depending on your nationality and how far you go; foreigners pay RD$460 to the highest waterfall and less to reach the lower ones.