Hugging a crescent-shaped bay, 5 minutes from DQA, Playa Sosúa is a beautiful stretch of golden sand contrasting against deep azure-turquoise waters with a white, sandy bottom. This north coast is practically where beach tourism began in the Dominican Republic, and continues to rise to this day. Playa Sosúa is known for its lively stretch lined with numerous local and international bars, restaurants, and shops. It’s also a diver and snorkeler favorite, with easy access to a wide array of sites near shore. Hundreds of locals and visitors descend here on weekends and holidays, and enjoy Sosúa’s stunning waters and sunsets

Sosúa is the base for the area's scuba-diving operations and conveniently located for exploring the north coast. The town’s curious status as the cheese and dairy capital of the DR was established by around 350 families of Jewish refugees who fled Germany and other parts of Europe in 1940. Since few were farmers, most left after a couple of years, but not before building many fine homes.


Sosúa Bay is well-known in the Dominican Republic as one of the best places to go diving. This is due to the good condition of the coral reefs that surround its beaches. One of the most popular areas for diving is known as Aeropuerto Pared, with up to three different points of immersion. Get ready to enjoy a spectacle of colors and abundant marine life beneath Sosúa’s clear waters. Likewise, the entire north coast of the island is a paradise for lovers of water sports such as surfing or windsurfing, especially the nearby town of Cabarete.